Costing Sheet in AX 2012

Hi All

I have one doubt, is the costing sheet available under the Inventory & warehouse Management is linked up with the Allocation of Misc Charges on the Purchase order. Mean If i define the Misc Charges there, will it effect in the PO.

In my opinion it is not linked at all.

Please Suggest.

No, the costing sheet does not have miscellaneous charges, it is how a production item is costed which can included fixed and variable overheads.

ok Thanks you Adam for clearing the doubt

Hi Imran

When you have your answer can you verify the posts please.


When we r defining the first node after the root, in the setup we have one option cost of purchase, may be this is the new feature in 2012 through which we can define the Misc Charges at the costing sheet.

And also i am trying to add the node but after running the production that node and value is not showing on the costing sheet.

please advise.

In 2012 CU3 you have as the type three options - can you screen shot yours and tell us your version? Then tell us the process steps for adding a misc charge to the purchase price that can change by vendor/item/quantity/price etc.

6518.02-12-2013 17-23-05.png

When Deleting the node in the costing sheet showing the following error

Indirect cost Insurance Rate of type Rate is not found in the costing sheet, although it has one or more corresponding records in the ‘Indirect cost transactions’ table.

And one more thing, on the product master the “cost group” is blank for all the items then from where the system is taking the Cost Group, as on the Price calculation button on the production form under general tab, cost field is showing the costing groups.

please advise how all this is working very much confused, if you have any document or link please send so that i can study and clear the doubts.