Costing sheet based on Item

Hi All

I am using the production module and for the indirect cost i have created the costing sheet. Now i have one scenario, eg, i have two item to produce and out of two on one item i want to calculate the material and the indirect cost (which is coming fine from the costing sheet).

But on another item i just want to take the material cost as the whole cost of the item. Can anyone guide me how can i achieve it.

Actually, for one of the customer we don’t want to include the indirect cost, whatever we produce. So i think this we can achieve at the item level only, so i was thinking for the above define scenario.

Thanks in Advance.

You apply the indirect cost to the costing group of the item in the construction of the costing sheet - you have attached it at the group (manufacturing) level so it applies to all cost groups. Split cost groups and apply appropriate indirect costs at a cost group level.

Thanks Adam for your reply.

Can u tell me how i can split the groups. This costing sheet which is there in the system is as follows:

Here the OH group is attached to all the Calculation. It will appreciated if you can explain me in detail.

thanks in advance