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HI,I created a New item Item . qty = 0 , No ledger entries.I assigned Item Tracking code is LotALL. I assigned the Lot Numberseries.I want only Lot number series but I don’t want any serial Number series.I gone to Invoiceing tab and try to change the costing method to Specific.It system throw the below error.---------------------------Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision---------------------------SN Specific Tracking must be Yes in Item Tracking Code LOTALL when Costing Method is Specific.---------------------------OK ---------------------------

Again system throws SN has to be Yes.

Please let me know.

Specific costing requires that the system be able to uniquely identify each base unit. This is accomplished by serial numbering each unit.

From the Item Tracking Table you may define if you are utilizing Lots or Serial number tracking. technically the LOTALL code should only be flagged for Lot Tracking. Is it possible that the Serial Tracking Information has also been flagged true. Also using a Specific Costing Method requires Serialized Items, You will need to change the Costing Method. To anything that your accountants require for reporting.



Thanks Experts,I don’t want to use serial tracking . I want to use only tracking.

No problem. You just can’t use Specific Costing. You must select a different costing method.

For example ,

If the client company is Pharmaciticul .
they are using only Lot numbers when purchasing , sale, Production, transfer order.

So what is best method to use lot numbers ,

You would probably want to use the Item Tracking “LOTALL” with a Costing Method on the item card set to FIFO. If it is a pharmaciticul, you may also want to activate the exiration date functionality within Item Tracking.


So With specific costing method Only Lot number is not possible.

If i want use Specific then I want to define the Lot NUmber and serial Number

IS it correct ?

Then what is the use of Specific traking

With specific costing you SPECIFICALLY cost EVERY item. Therefore you HAVE to serialise the items.

With lot numbers you can book 1000 in and they can cost the same, this is not “specific” costing.

Specific tracking is where you record the serial number, every item is unique, full traceability is envoked - very common in the Pharma vertical.

Looks to me like you are after batch costing, a concept not currently in NAV for what you want.

Thanks Adam ,

So Specific is not useful to our client.

So what is the Best costing method( application method) with Lot numbers.

Because my client is only using Lot numbers.

Please suggest me.