Costing Error Detection Report

Has anyone been able to obtain a copy of the Costing Error Detection Report mentioned in the MBS White Paper “Adjust Cost Batch Job: Common Problems and Data Fixes”?? , published Nov 2003, alternatively know where a download is possible? Thanks

Yes, I’have a copy of the Report. I have recived it from Microsoft suport.

I would be very interested in both the document and the report, as we are currently facing quite a problem regarding average costing and infinite loops… Could you both please send the files to - Thanks a lot. I can offer another document in exchange [;)] → Guidelines for Loops in Adjust Cost Batch Job Saludos Nils

Hi Nils I hope you got mi mails I forgot to tell you more about the problems you may have or get. Cleaning up the errors be aware that the following problems are NOT attented In the report Item Application Entries ( they may be wrong or missing Output Completely Invoiced Date are not always filled out even if Fully invoiced is set on the Item Ledger Entry [:0)] The last leading to errors in the Revaluation Journal ,that only include quantities where Completely Invoiced Date is filled

Hi Lars, can i pls also get the report and document. Pls mail it to me at Thanks in advance. Regards


Yes, I’have a copy of the Report. I have recived it from Microsoft suport.
Originally posted by iglabas - 2005 May 25 : 09:26:12

Please upload it to the download section, or post a link to it here, so everyone can access it. Please don’t start another 10 page thread of people requestiong it to be emailed to them.