cost price updation after posting report as finished in production order

Dear all, In AX 2012 std, the final cost price gets updated after ending the Production order and Costing Method of the item is MA. how to update the final cost price of items after posting Report as Finished for a production order instead of after posting of End stage in AX 2012?

The financial cost amount gets updated only after ending the production order, the system can update the physical cost amount during the RAF. You can make the system to consider the physical cost amount in the cost price calculation, in the model group set the include physical value

Why do you not want to end it?

What is the issue of WIP until then and how are you costing the RAF (Actual or Estimate?)

If we select the option mentioned by you will it goona calculate and show the final cost price when the when the production order is in report as finsihed stage.!!!

What you mean by the final cost price? Does the costing method is Weighted avg. or Moving avg.?

it is moving averageā€¦, this can help you in understanding the moving avg

And why dont you want to end it:?