Cost posting for Rework Orders

Hi, We have small problem with cost posting for rework orders. We use standard cost. Finished good item F1 has BOM A, B, C with total cost $100 Labor Cost $10 and subcontracting cost $30. Another item F2 has BOM A, B, D with total cost $100 Labor Cost $10 and subcontracting cost $30. Sometimes we want rework item F1 to F2. So we create Prod. Order for F1 with Components C,D,F1. Issue F1and D. Unissue C. Receive F2 on inventory. When we close Prod. Order system posts Material Variance $40 (C and D has the same cost) Labor Variance -$7 (we allocate $3 as rework cost on output transaction) and subcontracting variance -$30. In reality we would like to post only $3 variance as rework cost. The best solution what we come up with is to use separate dimension for order type. So at the end of period accounting department reallocate all variances with order type REWORK to separate account. Do you know another solution to this issue?

Hi Valentin I do not believe a claen version exists using the standard software for rework jobs where the item needs to be tracked - I presume this is the case. How is your solution working? Or have you modified it?