cost posted to GL

I ve observed that some of the invoices posted has not affected revesreal entry of interim accounts as well as stock a/c dr to dir.cost applied cr effect.

I cud not find as to why it has done so. I m using Nav 4.0

Pls note adjust batch job and cost posted to gl batch has been run.


Sales or Purchase Invoices?

Are you using Manufacturing?

Hi Prashant,

Navigate on one of the transactions and see what G/L Account are affected. Check you posting setup - would it have been changed before posting the invoice?

Has you posting codeunit been modified?

Maybe is direct invoice without shipment ?

I have noticed in our system also that where the item is sold and then the charge item is done, even after runing the two batch jobs, it does not work. I have posted elsewhere under item charge assignement this problem and waiting for a solution.


Have purchase invoices for the items been posted?