Cost posted to G/L does NOT match real cost???????

Running 3.10A GB. The following part is valued by average. On our system, this part was purchased at a value of 374 GBP. Then it was sold at 536 GBP. When I look into the item ledger entries, I see the following for the sales invoice: Amount: -1072 (for two pieces) Adjusted Cost: -748 (2 pieces again) Cost posted to G/L: -1872 (2 pieces) WHY[?][?] I would expect -748!!![xx(] Cost per Unit: 374 On the value entries I find additional expected cost entries (we have automatic posting to G/L=YES and expected cost posting = YES). We have run all adjustment batches. Obviously, this is an exception, but how could this have happened[?][?] Any ideas. Thanks in advance! This part was purchased (and sold) once prior to this scenario at correct cost.

Hi Markus, Are there any previous entries that might skew the average cost? Have you tried duplicating this problem using a fresh new item? Is the item already in the negative quantities when you made that transaction?

Hi ALex, ad 1: No ad 2: Yes, I have tried, but so far could not replicate it ad 3: No, we never have negative qties!

Are any of the Value Entries under type Rounding.


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Are any of the Value Entries under type Rounding.

No, only type “Direct Cost”