Cost on the Sales Order Line

I’d like to add the Item Cost on the Sales Order Line but it doesn’t seem to be availabe when I use the personialize option. Is there something I’m missing or is that not possilbe there?

Are you referring to the unit price in sales line ? If so, the unit price is populated from trade agreement record.



No, not the unit price.

The Purchase Price of the Item.


There is no any such field available on sales line.


It is not that simple due to the financial controls of dimension gourps and the potential splitting of inbound lines etc. If you look at the inventory transaction you will see physical and financial costs but nothing until you ship it, which I am guessing is a little late for you.

All that said you could add the return cost price.

I think the question is being mis-understood.

On Release Product deatils form on the Purchase tab, there is a Purchase Price. This value is stored in the table INVENTTABLEMODULE and the field PRICE.

When you Go to the Sales Order you have the option to persionalize and edit the form. So you can hide and or add fields.

I would like to add the INVENTTABLEMODULE.PRICE to the Sales order so that the user can view the purchase price while entering a sales order.

When I go to persionalize the sales order form and the INVENTTABLEMODULE is not on the form so I just can’t add it.

Is there a way to add this table to the form so I can add the PRICE file to the form?

In that case you can ask a developer to write a display method such that purchase price will be displayed against the item in sales line.

But normally the purchase price and sales price are dynamic. So what exactly you want to achieve?


The return cost price will give you what you want in “essence”. The purchase price is a default price irrelevant to TA’s or processing or invoicing. However if you update your costs on receipts the purchase price will be updated by invoice as will the cost. The cost is used as the return cost and therefore, without any development, you can have the equivalent of the purchase price on the sales line. However if you want the actual purchase price from the item card you need to modify the system to achieve this, either as a display method from teh card, or as a field on the sales line written at selection of the item depending upon what you want to do with it.