Cost of the item in Production order

Hi All

After completion of the production order when i go in enquiry/Price calculation/overview costing tab i found under realised cost amount feild is blank for some item. But in realized consumption the value is their. Also check the item master for the cost price of this item, it is defined their.

Can u tell me where it is going wrong. Please advise me


Is the production order ended? Is the component invoiced? What are the dimension costing settings and the costing method, coupled with the active costing version price?

can u tell me in a little simple language not in this technical terms.

what setup i have to check


I was using AX options, nothing technical in there

So what is the status of the production order?

What is the inventory transaction status of the components consumed?

What are the Dimension Group settings related to financial stock?

What is the costing method of the items? What are the settings?

What is the configuration of your costing version?

In Production Parameters what is the cost setting (Estimate/Actual)?

What statuses do you take your production order through?