Cost of Sales Batch Job in NA 3.6 SQL Option

Hi All, We implemented SQL Server Navision option (3.60) for one of our clients, and I have been here on a similar problem! It seemded to work but just for a very brinef while. The Post Cost of Sales Batch Job, which runs endlessly. As a result, they have to take a backup, restore it in native database and client from where the batch job is run successfully. Then another backup is taken from there and restored back into the SQL environment. This seems to point out one of two possibilities: 1. That the SQL environment setup is not appropriate for completion of this batch job 2. That the Navision Attain SQL related files have an error of some kind that needs to be solved. We have applied all service packs upto 20 beta. One of you might have encountered a similar situation and sorted it out. Could you please advise/help accordingly! Kind regards Robert

This was a known problem in 3.60, you may want to check with your MBS office and either get some improvement packs for Navision (all I know that there has been LOTS issued since 3.60 came out). And one of these improvements had partly addressed the issue. The reason why I say partly is because if your client is a customer using manufacturing and LOT TRACKING in 3.60 there have been huge issues in the inventory costing area and some issues still exist. The other thing is we also had a customer who had a process endlessly looping with 3.60 and they where an SQL implementation. We had to load a executable HOTFIX for 3.60 and that fixed the issue. Sorry that I cannot give you specifics but there really has been so many issues with 3.60 that it is hard to give you an exct reponse. My advice would be to take a look at all the improvements and all the executable hot fixes and see if one of them will fix your issue.