Cost of Material Batch Job

We are trying to process the cost of material on a database that is already active with97 GB of data. Cost of material has never been run on this database for the past 4 years. The user wnats to run this job only for the year 2005. The job has been modified and the modification is correct, but during the testing we saw some transactions in the item applicaton entry are missing. The reason was that when users made a wrong entry they had call the devloper and he had the transaction deleted.

Iwould appreciate your advise to let me know how to continue proccing past these deleted transactions issue. This is an urgent task and the user wants to run this job to adjust the item cost from 01/01/2005 forward.

You need to do a huge part of investigation.

Adjust Cost/Post cost only include fully invoiced items.

If you have Purchase Orders, that are not invoiced, OR Production Orders, that haven’t been finished, they are not concidderd fully invoiced.

Take the following example:

If the PO for Component E was never invoiced (And I have seen customers, that revieved thrugh the PO, but invoiced via the Purchase Journal [:^)]), the output for I, C and A will remain in WIP.

If the Production Order for item C was never finished (Very often seen), output from item I, will show up in Inventory (G/L) (Assumed the PO is invoiced) - but output for C and A will remain in WIP.

As you can tell, a lot of work lies ahead for you.

  • Now to the good part [:D] - I had so many customers having a similar problem, that I created a WIP Investigator, that will help you find these issues. I will upload to here, once I can get to it.