Cost Groups

Hi All ,

Ax 2012 R2 .

Inventory Management Setup - > Cost groups form - > general tab - >Behaviour has two options

Fixed Cost

Variable cost

Could any one explain what is the difference between these and how system would pick up the cost as we do not have the option to define the cost in Cost group form .?

Thanks in advance

The cost comes from the transactions you apply these forms of “behaviour” against.

If you were to manufacture 100 and you set a rate of say $1 the fixed would apply $1 in total, whilst variable would apply $100. It really depends how you configure it and where, which of course depends upon what the customer needs. Also as Technet will tell you “The assignment of a behavior only serves a reporting purpose. For example, costs can be displayed with segmentation of fixed and variable costs on the costing sheet, and in the Cost rollup by cost group form.”. If no behaviour is assigned then variable is assumed.