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In which screen in AX2012 user can define costs price for the manufacturing cost categories??


The costing version.

Thanks AdamRoue for fast reply , but can you please explain to me the concept of “Costing version” in general??

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The costing version holds all of the costs of the items and associated elements for the business. You cannot work AX without one, these have fall-back principles to help AX get the base cost of an item to assist in costing (production/item). In standard costing the costing version holds all of the costs, in non-standard it holds the principles of where to get the cost from. It is fundamental to costing in AX so you need to understand it I am afraid.

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In my case I have three distributions companies that work on AX2009 without costing version , they purchase and sell items without any problems (gross margin is correct) , they don’t use standard costing they use FIFO principle , is it important in this case to use costing version?

another thing , we are implementing AX2012 for factory , they don’t use standard costing , they use WA principle , the only thing that we need from the costing version is to define cost categories prices is this true??

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The costing version in non-standard is used to define where to get the cost from when doing BOM calculations etc., you can still use a costing version standard or not, or you can set the fallback principle to active meaning the item card to get the cost on an estimation. I suppose if you had no costing version with nothing to reference it would go to the card as standard, and as you never run a price calculation (distribution companies) you never had to define it. So is it important in this case? - I guess not, but I would still have created one.

With the factory you need to define the cost categories so if you cost your production you need a costing version, and if in the costing sheet you applied indirect costs these also get defined here. But yes, for your question the only thing you need it for is cost category prices, so set the fallback principle to active.