Cost Categories

Dear all,

in axapta cost categories are divided into 3 category:

setup, runtime and quantity.

how is the quantity category usually used?

usually capacity cost are consist of run time and setup time. can someone give an simple example using of quantity category?


Prior to AX2009 they would be used to attribute indirect costs to the quantity produced. They are still used to add any overhead required to the quantity produced. I usually only set them on teh final operation, but this depends ultimately on the requirement of the client.


I usually give the following example when I’m asked this question - take a customer who’s business is in animal butchery. The production process is managed on a quantity basis ie number of carcasses produced = direct production costs, we’re not in the same ball park as operations and the time related costs implied.

Maye a grizzly answer but the example is clear.


hi adam & monty,

thx for your kind explanation.

let say i have 1 work centre that combine machine and labour.

the machine labour will be covered by run & setup time.

i’ve been thinking to using quantity category to cover labour cost which is calculated by quantity produced.

so with this i dont have to create another labour type work center.

can i use in this scenario?


Yes, but set it up and see.

it work fine :slight_smile:

one more question.

i have set a workcentre subcon. this subcon charged based on quantity (no setup or runtime). so i only set quantity categories.

when i update production order status an error is shown. it says cost categories has not been specified.

this can be solved by creating cost categories that have no price and insert it in setup/runtime categories field.

but is there any setup that can turn this validation off by standard axapta without bypass/modification?

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My guess is that you are getting the error message because you have set up trouble either at site level production parameters or general production parmeters - check the journals tab for production parameters (site & general production) , your tick boxes for mandatory cost categories are probably ticked somewhere in here.




i’ve uncheck mandatory cost categories in parameter and parameter by site. but still the error shown.

is there anything i miss?


Hmm, if you’ve done it in the general production parameters & site level the only thing which may interfere is the status of your production order.

When you got the error message again, it was on the same production order you’ve been using from the beginning or have you also had the message on a totally new production order raised after the set up changes I suggested?


hi monty,

the error show in the same production order and in the new production order after i uncheck the"mandatory cost categories for hour/quantity" when i update production order status to estimate.

Then I’m fresh out of ideas Wienzzz.

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