Cost by Locations

Hi, I would like to know if i can calculate cost by locations. For example, i buy an item to location ‘A’ with the cost of 50 and i buy the same item to location ‘B’ with the cost of 60. When i sell this item from Location ‘B’ i want to see the cost of 60 in the value entry. Is there a way to do it? Thanks…

Sorry i forgot to tell i work with NAV 5 version

Did you check Stock Keeping Units in Item Card?

I checked know, but i don’t know how does it work and it seems to ben uneditable field. How do i activate that field?

I think stock keeping units doesn’t cover the solution for my problem. Thanks for trying…


Sorry but i couldn’t understand what does my question have to do with Fifo? Thanks for the effort anyway…


seems you do not know what FIFO means as abbreviation… FIFO has the uttermost relation to your question and means First-In-First-Out, a costing method you could use to reach your goal.

In addittion, I would suggest you set Locations Mandatory in Inventory setup (if not already done so). This will keep your users from forgetting to enter Location, as blank will form a fictitious additional location.

Mr Ivans i know what does Fifo means but it’s obvios that i couldn’t tell my problem clearly. First of all i had set Location mandatory ‘YES’ and average cost calculation type is ‘ITEM & LOCATION & VARIANT’ when i buy items for different locations i can see the costs by locations by going into ‘item card - unit price’ then ‘average cost calc. overview’ opens. In that screen i can see the costs by locations but what i’m trying to ask is when i sell an item from for example ‘Location A’ i want the system show the cost in value entry table by 'Location A not the overall cost that writes in item cards ‘unit price’ field. Finally, i don’t want to be rude but just saying this is the uttermost solution it doesn’t become the uttermost solution, again thanks for your efforts anyway…

System will take Unit cost from Item card and enter it in Invoice line & Value entries.This cost is INACCURATE, but it’s so by design - first, to speed up the entry, second, at the moment of creating the sales line, it is impossible to calculate PRECISE costing.


run ACIE (Adjust Cost Item Entries) and check again - this batch job corrects & updates the cost. (it adds lines to VE with Adjustment=True)

ACIE must be run on regular basis to keep costing correct. How frequent - it depends on Inventory turnover volume and your company accounting habits, but if you prepare monthly PL reports, then once a month is minimum. (You may need to run after that the 2nd batchjob - Post Inv. cost to G/L, depending on setup) ACIE not only updates direct cost issues, it deals with indirect costing, too, e.g. Charge(Item) type of lines and so on.

All the above I write here in forum approx once a couple of months - seemingly many Navision users haven’t been explained by their implementing Partners how Navision costing works. Many don’t care while the result is OK, but those who start to investigate themselves get confused.
Ararat, do search this forum for costing - you’ll find many more threads about this theme.

Finally, [;)]

read carefully, I said RELATION, not solution, and to that extent it’s correct - FIFO has the uttermost relation to costing issues.

Thans Mr. Ivans, your answer provided the solution i was looking for. When i run ACIE i see the stock correction lines in value entry. I appreciate your detailed answer, thanks…