cost amount (actual) with value

Hello, I have noticed one thing navision system when create invoice, order, use item journal and etc, unit price, unit amount & cost amount (lcy) is zero. When it gets posted into navision, check on item ledger entry, navision shows cost amount actual field with values but for almost all entries there is no cost captured, what is the reason for few entries captured with cost, Any how have ideas of what’s going on. Best Regards Khan\

Hi Wajahatullah The cost amount actual field is updated upon the running of the adjust cost item entries routine I believe [:D]. This would mean that the actual cost is generated after the supplier invoice for the sale has been processed. With regards to the pricing and costing fields being zero, this would indicate the price field on the item card, or anywhere else is set to zero - add it on the invoicing tab and then load an order - it will prepopulate it. The costing is slightly more complicated and I can never remember this off the top of my head, but I think if you are standard costed for the item it will take the standard cost on the item card and if you are anything else it takes the last direct cost. So if you have never received anything in and the item card last direct cost ([?]I think its this field) is not prepopulated on the creation of the record then the initial cost will be zero on all documents. Is this a new set-up? I hope this helps.