Cost Accounting Module

Hi, Has anyone had experince with using the Cost Accounting Module, in Axapta 2.5 SP/Market Pack 3? I’m generally interested in finding as much information as possible and have already located some published ‘Getting Started’ and ‘End User’ documents. I am hoping that the module can be used for ABC ‘Activity Based Costing’. Is this something anyone has already achieved in Axapta, with this module or perhaps by other means? Please indicate if I am way off the mark with understanding the purpose of the Cost Accounting Module? Thanks in advance, Regards Carl Jarvis

Nice to see a familiar name Carl! No-one is too sure on this one - the understanding is that it was developed as a localisation in certain countries due to accounting/legal principals - but we’ve not seen it in the UK yet. Be interested to know though if you get to the bottom of it… best regards, Adam