Corrupt objects

I have a system running on a 2.5 std database that has managed to corrupt an object. If you run the blob database test, it locks; if you design the object, it locks - the same happens if you run or design the codeunit Replacing the object with a working version does not fix the problem. Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

I never experienced this problem but you could try this : 1/ Delete the object using the following code : Globals : Object Record Object YourCorrupObjectID Integer // Init YourCorrupObjectID := 95000; // Set Filters Object.RESET; Object.SETRANGE(Object.Type, Object.Type::Codeunit); Object.SETRANGE(Object.ID, YourCorrupObjectID); // Retrieve The Object IF NOT Object.FIND(’-’) THEN ERROR(‘Cannot find %1 %2’,Object.Type, Object.ID); // Delete The Object Object.DELETE; You may have to set the permission on the Object global if the end user does not have a Solution Developer Licence when running this codeunit. 2/ Try reimporting a non-corrupt version of your object Do a full backup and export all your objects before running this code, you can never be to safe :wink: Good Luck!

Simon Let us know if you resolve this problem. We may have the same problem on a SQL version, as we are getting a Windows GPF when trying to Import the new objects to the live database, which test OK, Import back into the development Database and are compiled with no errors. Never heard of the problem with earlier versions. David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

Just to let you know the cause of my GPF while Importing new Objects. Developed on Native Navision 2.60,C was fine till loaded into the FinSQL Version. Invalid Page Fault Error: Reason I used the field type DateFormula in a table! (not supported by the SQL version) took about 3 hours to find the reason but that’s life! Question what is the DateFormula datatype for? I thought u could use it for dateformula functions but u can’t! David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

The solution used was to restore to an old version of the database.

We have a table that has been added through the object designer by going to the end of the list and typing the ID -50030, but leaving the name blank, no fields were added. This is with Navision SQL 2.60,C version. Whenever, we try to design or do anything with the table the Navision client crashes and writes out a log (Windows GPF). We have tried to create another version in native 2.6 and import both as text or FOB and still crash. I have attempted running the suggested code by Tarek, and it still crashes the client. Any ideas would be great. We are trying to avoid the complete restore. Thanks in advance.