Corrupt harddrive without backup

Some guy have run IDE disk with Navision on it. Setup an diskmirroring over IDE with a Primise Fasttrack100 card. For several day the users have get errors that the mirroring has problems, but they didn´t do anything. And now the disk won´t start. The old systemdisk can be found but not accesed. When I run Easyrecovery on the disk I find serveral files 75 GB but not specific file namned *.fbk *.fdb I have tried to made Hexadecimal and offset with Ontrack for FDB and FBK files, with no luck. What can I do?

THere is not a lot you can do. First would be to send the disk to a preofessional recovery service, they may be able ot recover the Database, but even then it may be corrupted. You say there is no current backup, I think you will need ot investigate how old the newst backup is, and look at re-entering the data. The biggest issue, is that the Raid information for the drive is stored in Wndows (on the windows drive), so if that is damaged, it may not be possible to recover anything.