Correction Or deletion of wrong transaction in the Customer file???

Hi all

I would like to know how this scenario can be handle using NAV5? A client has been invoiced by mistake and our customer does not want to see that transaction on the system ( legal or no, i dont know).

Instead of doing a credit memo on that customer, he does not want to see that transaction related to that customer. However he needs to change the customer No and customer name with a fake customer then do a credit memo for that transaction on that customer. It’s important for them that the balance of the customer is shown with the new client except that wrong transaction. They awant also to have the sales order and the invoice created for the new client so that they can print the invoice from the history.

Does someone already handle that kind of process where the client wants to keep the same balnace history except “deleting one wrong transation” ??? What is the correct way to do that in NAV?


Hi Taty,

The only correct way is to create a credit memo.

When you create an invoice then it’s a legal document. You are not allowed to reuse the same invoice number. So you need to cancel the invoice with a credit memo and then create a new invoice.

Credit Memo to same Customer will reverse the errorenous transaction, BUT it will not be in a way accountants call STORNO - just opposite postings in G/L Accounts involved, thus raising turnover and other problems you are not willing to get.

What you can do in such situation, is not creating a CM, but reverse all postings through General Journal.
First find all G/L entries from Invoice through “Navigate / GL entries”, then repeat all of them in GL Journal, checking column “Correction” - that means, if from invoice you had, for example, GL Acc = 1234; Debit = $100, in journal you enter GL Acc 1234; Correction=Yes; Debit = minus $100 (negative amount in Debit, not positive Credit)

BUT !! “Navigate / GL entries” will show you GL Accounts. Actually, for (some) lines in correcting journal you must select not Type = GL Acc, but Type=Customer and select Customer No - otherwise only GL accounts will be hit, but Customer Ledger will remain unadjusted.

Rather clumsy explanation, but I hope you got the idea - you should rather try this in non-production database first…

Thanks Erick. I knew that. Only want to see if there is another way.

Thanks Modris. That’s a new thing thing that I was not aware of. I will try that in a safe environment.