Correction of Remaining Amount

Hi, All, Happy Holidays [:)]

In Detailed Customer and Vendor Ledger Entries there is a Entry Type option called “Correction of Remaining Amount”.

Anybody knows which activity may cause its existence? I must admit I had never seen it happen.

I have a customer who’s trying to match the Balance to Date of Payables Accounts with Vendos Net Change and failing because (I think) of such entries. They are included in the Vendor Net Change, but they are not in GL Entry. [^o)]

I cannot find out where they come from and, of course, the customer has no clue about them.

F1 says: “Correction of Remaining Amount: correction of the remaining amount due to different currencies.”

Foreign currency adjustments perhaps?

Yes, of course. This is the meaning, but until now, I didn’t ever see these entries come to life. I was wondering which function might generate them, just to be able to explain my customer WHY they should not try to match general ledger entry balances with vendos’ and customers’ details.

Adjust Exchange Rates procedures do generate GLE and don’t cause the balances to mismatch.

Thank you for your answer anyway! [:)]

Hi Anna,

Your client should be able to reconcile the detailed Customer and Vendor ledger values to the G/L Control Accounts, the Adjust Currencies if you include Bank Vendors and Customers will create a summary amount adjustment per dimension combination, in the Control Account to match the LCY adjustment made by the Currency Adjustment on the Vendor and Customer Ledgers.

Differences between the Control Accounts and the Customer and Vendor Ledgers in most cases comes down to direct postings to the control accounts by users setting the direct posting to yes and posting “Adjustment journals” which they should not do.

Ask your customer to run some reports as at a date and compare to the Control Accounts to the sub ledgers, find the period where the difference started and filter the G/L Entries by System created = No, these will be the entries causing the problem, if they do not have many G/L entries in the Control account then just drill down on the balance and add a table filter for System Created = No

The “Correction of Remaining Amount” entries are created in the G/L post Line Posting Routines when applying Customer and Vendor ledger entries across currencies by the looks of things, and should not cause an in-balance.


Anna, also you wrote:

I have a customer who’s trying to match the Balance to Date of Payables Accounts with Vendos Net Change and failing because (I think) of such entries.

Balance at Date is 0D to Max Date where as Net Change is within the Date Range Min Date to Max Date, they should compare the G/L (Control) Accounts “Net Change” to the Customer and Vendor “Net Change (LCY)” first with no date filter, if they do not match then start applying date ranges to capture the differences.


Hi, David, thank you for your help.

Let me try to elaborate a bit better…I beg forgiveness because in my first post I simplified too much.

The customer wants to match the Payables Accounts at a date - not at the last posting - with “Vendor - Balance to Date”, or, to be more specific, with a customized report which works in a similar way. They set the “Date Filter” on Chart of Accounts and compare the Balance to Date with the results of their report.

I’ve used the field “Net Change (LCY)” on Vendor to make some checks of my own. “Net Change (LCY)” is a flowfield with a variable date filter. Problem is that it applies on detailed entries, where the posting date may differ from the GL posting date. Both the “Vendor - Balance to date” and the customized report I mentioned above get around this problem by going through the Vendor Ledger Entry table, filtered on Posting Date (which should be the same of the corresponding GL entries - should!) and calculating the current remaining amount for each document. Or so I understand… [:^)]

Application entries should countermand each other; Correction of Remaining Amount are included in Remaining Amount calcformula, but not in Amount calcformula. Corrections have no match in GL Entries, they act on the LCY remaining amount, but not on the LCY amount.

I’ve tried to compare different periods as you suggested. This is what I got:

June, 30 2008 (the accounting in navision starts in June, 1), unbalance = 0.06

August, 31 2008 - unbalance = 0.06

October, 31 2008 - unbalance = 0.05

December, 31 2008 - unbalance =0.04

March, 31 2009 - unbalance=0.02

June, 30 2009 - unbalance=0.01

August, 31 2009 - unbalance=0.00

October, 31 2009 (the date all started from) - unbalance 0.01

To the very last posting (I’ve been working on copy of the customer database taken around the beginning of December), the unbalance is 0.02.

I’ve been involved since a few weeks, I cannot swear that the data have not been tampered with in the past. [:(]

Thanks for any support. Going back to bang my head in the wall! [:D]