Correction for the wrong average cost

How I must correct the value of Average Cost cause of the wrong input from Purchasing side ( The user are input the wrong value on the unit cost in Purchase Order and it had been posting. That’s why the average cost are become wrong ) More information : There are a begining balance transaction and sales transaction before the wrong purchase transaction And there are also a Transfer Order transaction after the wrong purchase transaction which use that wrong average cost Thanks for your help Best Regards, Agatha V. Gracia

Hi Agatha Feeling of de ja vu from May 2001 on this one, so using the search functionality on the site may prove useful to you if applicable. However If you are referring to the Average cost associated with an item, as oppossed to that posted into ledger accounts, you can do a negative adjustment for the entire stock, and then do a positive adjustment changing the cost to the correct amount. Hope this helps Steve