correcting average unit cost

Dear all ,

I have the next scenario - implementing inventory :

  • We use Nav 2009 + SQL 2005
  • We use "Average cost "

During last year - 2012- we implemented Sales successfully ; so we depend on system totally in all customers’ issues

which means : we should keep using the same company .

However ,when we start implementing Inventory and financial management , we found the following problems :

  • There are a lot of "item ledger entries " with wrong unit cost
  • there are many differences between GL and inventory values because of wrong entries

Now I want to clear all Item related data ( except 6 items which are our sales items )

is there any way to do this ??

thanks in advance for all replies.


You need to do Item revaluation for wrong entries and correct it.

entries about 20000+

can I do “mass revaluation” for all entries ??

or something like that ??

Is there any way to adjust average cost to a certain value??

Yes you can do that by uploading data using dayaport

but prior to that you need to finalize the cost value as well as need to consult with managment for revakuation as it will impact

your balance sheet and profit &loss