correct wrong quantity in item ledger entry table to specified item proplem

Hi guys i have problem in specified item xyz this item his quantity registered by ton 2.5 and i need him by kg meaning

2500 . so that i make inventory to this item to 0 then rename it and block it. then add entries to original item again but i have more question if possible

1-how added as consumed entry. from item journal

2-can i use data port to transfer data from item ledger entry to item journal

It is not that easy.
The easier way would have been - and that should be done by an experienced NAV developer/consulter - to unapply all item ledger entries and then:

Multiply all quantities in the item ledger entries and value entries by 1000.
Divide all UNIT amounts by 1000.

Then reapply all open item ledger entries.

Can’t you just do a -ve entry of old item and +ve entry of new item.

He wants to keep the history as it seems.

Anyway with the method of renaming the original item and creating a new one you are doubling the values also in G/L.

even when you consider that it is posting to different accounts.

The method that worked for me was the method I provided in my description. This way the values are properly retained and the quantities are corrected.

He is also looking to make the quantity zero and then block it.

but i make solution i added another item as same item name before .i block old and make it inventory as 0 then add purchase as positive adjustment and consumption as negative adjustment from item journal by new cost meaning by correction

are this will solve the problem

please help me


i added this positive and negative to new item are this will give me correct result


I have seen lot of post of such kind from your side wherein you always want to play with inventory which is not correct for system stability and for reporting purpose.

I suggest let somebody diagnose your system and do the correct setup which will help you in future.

I’m sorry for this but i promise you i don’t make more question after this.but to your notice i ask questions here in forum after i search in help and another site some question doubt in it so that i ask here


You can always do RnD in a test database instead of asking for a confirmation here.

ok i respect all but really i tested and got the result .because amol give me answer before .to your notice i benefit from this forum more and after i test got the result so that if you notice i ask question one time and not making any reply for it.because it is from 14/03

I thanks all


Don’t take it otherwise as I just raise question because this will not good for system stability and for reporting purpose.

This will always make your data vulnerable.

What’s the result of your test, solved or not ?

yes solved

Good [Y]