correct stock values

In ver 3 sp2 we get very different figures for stock depending on which reports are used “known value”& “floating value” are causing confusion. Even posted qty and Inv Value are different There doesnt appear to be any explanation of what each field represents or how it is calculated The ledger postings dont reflect the figures in th reports. System documetation is non -existent We dont know what the “correct” stock values are or what to balance to

Hi Jeff, If I remember correctly, there were bugs (mainly calculation errors) in various reports in Axpata ver 3.0 SP2 Stock management module. These bugs have been corrected in Axapta 3.0 SP3. In case if you don’t want to upgrade to SP3, you can download and install hot fix. For the hot fix details please log into Partnerguide or if you are a customer, please contact your reseller. Kind regards, Harish Mohanbabu

I am locking this thread as the same has been posted under Axapta Known Issues/Errors section. Here is the link - Harish Mohanbabu