Correct configuration of RAID


a customer is running NAV 5 on a single server and wants to switch to new hardware. We’ve decided to go with an HA failover cluster with two w2k8 R2 64 bit Ent systems and a central storage. The two system have their own RAID 1 for OS and will run Hyper-V. One of these two boxes (parent partitions in Hyper-V terms) will home the SBS 2k8 and the other the NAV server with SQL 2k8.

The two servers will be HP Proliant DSL380 G6 with 56GB RAM and 2 x quad Xeon each and the storage an MSA 2423 with 20 x 300Gb 15k SAS drives. The disk controllers will have 1GB cache each. The current DB size is 22GB for the live and 65Gb for the test data.

The question is now, how to configure the storage. We are familiar with the recommendations for SQL on a physical server, the current server follows these rules. But for the virtual machines we plan to follow the NetApp approach: Bundle all disks into one large RAID 6 volume and then create LUNs for the virtual machines.

The load will be fairly light, at least in the forseeable future. The customer has 40 user, 5 are power users as far as NAV is concerned, the others enter an order or two per day in to NAV

Does anybody have experience with such a configuration and can tell us if this approach is reasonable?