Corporate Information | Logo pixel size


I have been asked by our accounting director to create a bmp-file of our corporate logo for use in Navision reports. I sent him two version. One was too big (H: 125 px) and the second was too small (H:96 px). I could try something in between but I decided to come here to ask for the optimal pixel size.

Can anybody provide me with this information?

Hello VilleLife,

my logo seems to be 649 x 216 pixels 300 dpi.

Works fine in all documents.


I’m just in the middle of doing something similar. This is my first install of Nav and I have to modify the invoices so that they contain the Logo. The first problem is the 32k limit. As a solution I’ve been trying to get an OCX image control to appear without any luck so far. The second problem is that the design of the invoice is shared so I will have to code something to switch the image depending on the company. bostjanl kindly made a suggestion on how to do this using extra fields in a setup table:, however I’m still trying to get an image control to display when I print. It seems incredible that there isn’t an inbuilt control to do this sort of thing, its something everyone needs to do - put your logo on outgoing documents. Ian