Core Company data distribution.(Crack this)

Is there a standard functionality where an item gets created in a core company and it can be subsequently be distributed to multiple companies(ceu,cee,cet) with same settings.

eg. company 000 users can create the item and distribute the same item to different companies
but users of companies other then the 000 cannot create the item

Note: If the companies are not listed in the core companies distribution lists they are free to do anything in that particular company xyz can create an item whereas company ceu cannot create it.

Can anyone crack this problem or has worked on similar situations like this
Please let me know.

Vikas Mehta.

This is not standard functionality, however you can achieve this by virtualizing the item table (which I do not recomend) and then give apropiate rights to certatin user groups for creating items. The task of virtualizing is not that easy, specialy with the items table.

If you could use Dynamics Ax 2012 then you could certainly achieve this, otherwise you need a customization and not a “crack” :slight_smile:


It seems you are right will check it in the 2012 version.

You can also do this by using intercompany features and after the item is created send it to the intercompany-company (Ax 2009, and maybe 4).

Thanks oscar,

Intercompany is related to transactions related to sales and purchases between multiple companies .

I mean one company sales and the other purchases but core data distribution is something more than that.

you can assign one item to multiple companies and those companies in turn can only that item directly but they cant create any item.

Likewise this can be further extended to n no of companies for m no.of tables with selected/full fields.