Copying Previous Posted G/L Entry for Re-Use

Hi there…first time poster, so I apologize if this has been brought up.

I’m looking for an ability in NAV2009 to take an already posted journal entry and basically copy it for re-use. I know about the Standard Journal Entry setup but I was hoping there was something else available.

If there’s already another post similar to this subject, please attach the link…I did some searching but couldn’t find anything specific.


If it’s something we use again & again (usually monthly, quarterly or yearly) - we use the Recurring Journals

For other things that we would like to use over again but not at set intervals - we created a batch called “saved”

here we enter some journal entries that we re-use over & over but don’t fall in the category of recurring.

We NEVER post these! but when we need it we simply copy the line(s) from the “saved” batch to a different batch for final processing & posting.