Copying objects....

Hello, All! How can I copy object (for examle - table) to another with all triggers, properties and etc for future modification of this object in my own purposes?

1 way: Select table Ctrl + C F3 Ctrl + V After notification about duplicate obj, rename and renumber table. 2 way: Export obj in txt file modify it (renumber and raname) Import.

Third way: Select Object Design File, Save As… Specify new ID and Name

Just a little finishing thoughts on this one. The method suggested by Jack Reynolds with open for design and choose save as, is probably the easiest and cleanest. But for those curious developers out there who has an object they are not allowed to do design on, using the copy/paste approac is great for moving the object to a designable range :slight_smile: Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG