Copying Data between companies

Is there a possibility to copy data between companies (in C/AL) except exporting/importing a table usings dataports. The idea would be defining data in one table (DataPerCompany=Yes) and copy it with a codeunit to the other companies. Best Regards, Arno Pucher

Yes it is possible. You have to use the rec.CHANGECOMPANY(companyname) function. Look at Codeunit 406, procedure TransferContents. Elena

Hi For Navision 2.xx there is a tool, developeded by a guy called Mr. Gayer Rene, that writes a report out of the Object table. The resulting report copies all the tables in the database from a source company to a target one. In the documentation section of the report there is name, phone number and e-mail address of the abovesaid guy. So I believe he wouldn’t mind if somebody would contact him to ask about a 3.xx version. Anna Anna

Thanks, for the advice I got the tool from and with a few adaptions it fits my needs. BTW: If you use the Tool in Navision 2.60+ rename the report, because the tool generates the report as C/AL Code to import and the “new” report has the same name then the original tool => import is prohibited by navision … Also a setting of the ReqFilterFields makes sense because on my system a report containing ALL (!!!) Navision tables crashes on compile …