Copying Companies

One part of implementation that always gives me grief is creating the final company to take the client live. By the time the client is ready to go live they usually want to keep all of the data (customers, vendors, items, routings, etc.) and setups in their system but want to eliminate ALL transactional data. I’ve come up with a few ways to do this but none of them are perfect. How do you handle this situation? Have you come up with any cool shortcuts for this process?

I have a report tp delete the data. I also have an excel spread sheet that can be used to develop the report, an add more tables.

David are you in a sharing kind of mood? :slight_smile:

Have a look here

You need to be pretty confident in your knowledge of the data structure to attempt a clean-up like this (There is no doubt David is here [:D]). If you can pull this off without missing anything, it is by far the easiest method. Some other options might be: 1) Dataports. This method sucks as you have to do every table (you need) but it can usually be done by more junior staff without much concern. 2) Run two companies parallel. Update your Master Data in the Live Company and then backup and restore to the Test company. The problem with this is that if you are continually changing records/tables in the Master Data, the restore must be done more often which removes all your existing test data.

Chris absolutely, that’s why the object is in the developer range, and also there are no permissions, so only a developper with a developers licence could run the routine. Of course thats what they say about guns over here, and still people leave loaded guns where kids can get them. Either way, Chris is absolutely correct. This method works well, but you need to know what you are doing before attempting this. please also note that the object is for 3.10 you MUST modify it for different versions.

I’ve done a few data migrations and if its just one company to another inside the same database, making the Dataports will not take very long and it’s very tightly controlled.

If its inside the same company, there is no need to use dataports, just modiffy the company setup function as required, its much les work, and much much faster.