Copying a functionality from other country database

Hi All,
I would like to know if copying a functionality from some country specific database to different country database is allowed. For example: US database has KITTING functionality whereas Indian localisation doesn’t have this functionality, so if someone copies this (by changing object numbers and do all relevant/ required changes) from US database, will it be treated as stealing and illegal?


Generally, you can’t simply add some other country specific objects to your database, as they have country-specific object numbers, access to which are allowed only with original country license. Renumbering (BTW, to what numbers you suppose to renumber?) is illegal and license violation.

However, it is theoretically possible – but not easy – to get from MS multiple country license, but anyway you must buy it. There was a thread here earlier about this theme, someone in Europe needed to have functionality from several EU countries, as he was operating EU-wide.

Why Kitting is included in US (only?), it has been always a puzzle for me… There is nothing “country specific” here, and it sometimes suits better for certain needs as Inventory BOM, as Kitting easily allows every time different components / count in contrary to BOM.


Lets say renumber to customised object range (50000…99999).

I mean renumber the new objects in 25000 range to (50000…99999) and similar for new fields in other affected base objects.

There are 189 objects (changed+ newly added), so can a partner re-number these objects and used in other database?

There is actually clear rules for that today. I tried to find it on PartnerSource - but as always it’s not possible to find anything on PartnerSource!!

The rule, as I remember it, is if you want to add a module not available in your country, then need to purchase a single user version of the license including the module you need. Then you’re allowed to renumber the granules you need. But you need to maintain this version including the maintenance contract to follow your main license.