Copy user profile/usage data in Axapta 3.0

Hi all,

I have the following question:

Is it possible to copy a user profile and/or usage data of an Axapta 3.0 user to a newly created user? E. g. if a woman gets married and changes her last name, I have to create a new user for her as it is not possible to change the UserID. It would be very handy if she does not need to reconfigure everything (reports and so on) from scratch. If not possible, is it different in AX 2009?

If someone could share their thoughts, I’d be happy. Thanks.


Hi Daniel,

As far as I am aware this is not possible. Usage data can only be deleted.

Depending on how you are setup your userID can be something non-generic, or linked to AD. In our case its non-generic, i.e. sw01 then u can change the name associated with the user ID and the employee associated with the ID. Hence you wouldnt have to change their name / user logon.


The user login statistics are kept in the SysUserLogin table. You can get a developer or DBA to update the usage statics for the given userID.