Copy to Clipboard

Is there a way to disable (through security or code) the ability to copy data to the clipboard, other than restricting access to a particular form, etc.?

No way.

I’ve searched for a method as well but with no success. Periodically it becomes a security issue for my boss and justifiably so. That’s one permission I’d like to see in a future version.

Michael, I couldn’t agree with more… Hopefully someone at Navision will see this

What would be the point in restricting access to the Copy command, if one can still easily create a screen shot (a.k.a. screen dump, screen snap)?

Jan, Obviously with a screen shot one would still be able to capture ‘bits’ of data, however it would be saved as a graphic and would not be of much use. One wouldn’t be able to manipulate the numbers, etc. With the ability to copy to the clipboard, you can easily bring in large amounts of data and have the ability to manipulate the data. I would like to have the ability to control where company data is stored.