Copy selected data to an other form

Hi all,

Greetings, I have two forms the first is caller for a second one using a menuitembutton , but i have to retrieve selected data from a called form to the first one after closing it .

help me if you know how , appreciated your help ,many thanks.


Hi Bouchra,

If you need data from second form to first form, Then you can override the “close ok” or “can close” method of the form and write your logic in that and you can do the modifications in first form.

Let me know if any further assistance!!

Thank you Tiwari ,

i will try it but if you have exemple code i will be thankful




this might help you…

Hi all ,

Thank you a lot , but what i want exactly is to use record data from a form just after close it like a parameter in a class

But when i used my code in closedOk it returns boolean ,by against what I want is method return RecId of record after close the

form to use it in my classe .

Thank you in advance



Hi Bouchra,

First overrride the canClose method of the form then declare the class and instansiate it and you can pass the selected record recid in to your class from that.

Boolean return type will only specify that its true or false(for closing mechanism).