copy Sales order line

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My sales order lines to a particular customer is 80% same, and daily i have to create this sales order is their any way out that i describe the sales order or lines once and and call its line whenever i make the sales order and only the quantity and addition or removal of item line is possible.Please advise me


One scenario can be of creating a sales order with the sales line having larger quantities. For example, create a SO with quantity as 1000 and on daily basis invoice 100 qty as per customer request and in case all 1000 is about to finish then increase to more 1000. Hope it helps. Even you can see Blanket Sales Order in Axapta

How can i make the blanket order just selectting the order type blanket order and how i will use this blanket order in creating the lines of the sales order.Does this blanket order make the inventory transaction and shows the on order quantity and what about creating the sales order journal type.Please advise me


Both are just order types, Journal creates no inventory transaction and you update it to sales order, blanket you use teh function to release the quantity required to create a new order.

Why not use the copy function?


You have a straight away solution for this. suppose if you create SO1 first and for SO2 the line items are as similar as SO1, while creating SO2, select the customer and the header part is done and at the line level, do not create lines just click Functions>Copy from all select the SO1 and needed lines in SO1.

The selected lines will be copied to SO2 and you can proceed with needed modifications…it’s as similar as copy and paste… :wink:

Hope it helps…reply to this comment if you face any problem.

Santosh thanks for your reply.Actually earlier i thought the same but Functions>Copy from all, it will show the all sales order and here daily basis we are creating the 150 slaes order so that it is difficult for users. What i want if we can define the sales order per customer and call the same sales order next time when we create the sales order.

Imran…You do not have such provision to define an SO specific to a customer…However, if your intention is to optimize the time i feel still you can use the functions>copy from all functionality. On the opened form you can filter it with the customer and the SO number of which you wanted to make a default order for the customer.

If you want to let your users know the SO number…you can specify the SOnumber (which is to be selected) in any of the fields in customer master table. not satisfied with the solution…?So, to get the right fit solution you dont have other go than customizing it… :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Santosh and Adam.

You could also create the first order as a journal, change it to an order and then use the copy from journal functionality - this will list a lot less then.