Copy purchase document


I have the following requirement and not sure whether it can be solved by changing the parameters:

  1. We create Purchase Order and Post the receipt only using that PO.

  2. To post invoice, we create a new Purchase Invoice and copy from Order to populate everything there.

In this scenario if we post the Purchase Invoice, Item ledger and value ledger will be posted again which we already posted from the PO. So my question is: is there any setup so that I can ignore the posting of item ledger. If there is not such standard setup, is there any easy way by which it can be customized.

Thanks a lot.

In the Invoice form, menu Functions, there is a Get Receipt Line option which you should use, instead of copy document.

Get Receipt Lines is intended to post the invoice for a specific group of receipt lines and knows that the receipt entries already exist and don’t need to be posted anymore. Copy Document is intended to create a brand new document similar to an existing one, but not related to it.