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Hi all,
I have a requirement that is,
When a record has been selected in the Released products form and the user selects the button from the ribbon a Modal form will be displayed to the user allowing them to define information for the product that will be created from the product item record selected by the user.The new form will collect the new Product Name, Search Name, and Product Description. By selecting OK a new Product Item of Product Subtype “Product” will be created.Item Number – Will be automatically assigned by the developer.Product Number – Will be automatically assigned by the developer.
please give me an idea how to make it.?

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Sorry for the late response.

I work with AX2012 R2.

Open the Released product details form for the product you need to copy.

In the Ribbon : Product => New => Template => Create Shared template (or personal, as you want).

Now, let’s go the Released product list page form : Product => New => Product.

In the New released product form, Administration => Apply template : select the template you have created. Assign product and item numbers and click OK.

Your new product is now a copy of the last one.

I know it is not really what you want, but its similar.