Copy/Paste of Report Methods in 2 tier crashes AX

If you copy and try to paste method in same node of report, Axapta (two tier) will crash.

Hi Bojan, Can you let us know the following info please - - version of Axapta - name and layer of report Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, I also got this problem, on 3.0 SP2/3, on VAR layer. Thanks, Ciprian

Axapta 3.0 Service Pack 3 USP Layer

Hi Bojan / Ciprian, The case that you had mentioned is slightly different to an old, existing error. When trying to synchronise an object in AOT before Axapta client can read its properties, Axapta used to crash. To replicate - 1) Browse to table node in AOT 2) Selecte a table randomly and press CTRL+S. Axapta would crash. I just now tested in my test system - Axapta 3.0 / SP3. I know for pretty sure that MS is aware of this problem. Unfortunately the problem is still there. NOTES: 1) Please do not try this in production system 2) If you want to try this in test system, please be aware that the particular table would be corrupted. The only solution that I have come across is to run a script to delete the table’s layer. If you want this script do please let me know. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu