Copy One Table data from one company to another company table

I have a company test1 in which i made a table table1 with 4 fields.

I have another company test2 with a table table2 with the same fields as table1.

but i have data only in table1 which i want in table2 too…

how can i copy data from table1 to table2…

which version r u using

I am using NAV 2009

NAV 2009 R2

Write dataport and extract data from table1 and using same dataport import data in table 2.

You can Copy Paste data from Table1 to Table2 directly with CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

If both the tables will have same data every time and forever then set DataPerCompany property to NO, use this property on your own risk cause this property is not reversible until both the table data are blank.

You can use CHANGECOMPANY function also

Thanks Mohana