Copy one legal entity to another legal entity


I have searched and have been unable to find an answer to this problem, or what I might be doing wrong. We have a new server that we have setup as a our migration/test server. I am trying to copy one company, MGR, to another company, TST. These are on the same server.

I have used the export after setting up a definition group, On the ‘Include tables groups’ tab I have chosen;

Miscellaneous, Parameter, Framework, Reference, Group, and Main

When I import the data, not all of the tables are being populated. I am missing Main Accounts, InventDim (which then creates problems with my released items), inventory adjustments and a few other issues.

I would like to make an exact copy so we can do some testing and when it comes time to start up our new production server, I can repeat the process without any issues.

Is this possible or am I doing about this the wrong way?

thank you in advance for you assistance.


AX2012 I presume? Your missing tables are shared tables, so are already in the same database. If it was a different database you would have included shared or simply done a SQL backup. Moving data is a tricky task in AX2012. To make an exact copy I recommend a SQL backup and restore to a different database.

Hi Adam ,

In one server I have two databases one is production and test .

In AX 2012 , when I login to system automatically it will connect to one database ( either production or test ) . Could tell me where is the path to select the different database when I am logging in to AX 2012 .?

Could you help me out ?

Note : In NAVISION we have the option to select the different databases when we are opening the NAV application.

You create different shortcuts for each database.

I am not clear , could you explain bit more about the above statement ?

Talk to your technical department and get them to configure for you shortcuts pointing to different databases.