Copy Notes form SO to PO

Hi all,

How can I move all notes attached to a Sales Order to a Purch Order , id I’m not mistaken, the class PurchCreateFromSalesOrder is responsable of creating a Purch Order through a Sales Order. Your help will be apreciated.

Thanks you.

This functionality is available for inter company sales orders.

\Classes\PurchAutoCreate_Sales\endUpdate will sync the header level documents

\Classes\PurchAutoCreate_Sales\createLine will sync the line level documents

If you want the documents to move from the sales order to purchase order even in a non inter company scenario,

Have a look at the implementation done in \Classes\PurchAutoCreate_PurchReq\createPurchTable

where the documents attached to a requisition header are copied to the purchase header.

But make sure that it should not effect the inter company scenario’s.