Copy Grid Lines

Hi everyone,

I have few Queries:

1.) Is it possible to copy the data of one grid and paste the same to other grid line in ax 2009. if yes, how can we achieve this?

2.) I have created a number Sequence in Ax 2009, now whenever I open the form number Seq automatically generate the number for the field even if i didnt save the values, after opening the form next time it automatically increment its value. Lets say 1st time number value is RFP_001 and I close the form without saving the values, next time its RFP_002, but actually RFP_001 is not consumed yet. Is there any way to solve the issue. Continuos checkbox is already checked.

3). I have a batch job in Ax 2012, now i need some modfication in it. Lets say I have a enum having element A and B

I have to configure the batch job in this manner: for element A, batch job should run after 30 days and for element B, it should run after 60 days.

Please Help.

Thanks for replying in advance.