Copy from Table a FlowField to TempRecord and print in Report

Hello, im trying to make out of 2 tables 1 and then print the information on a report. And this worked only that the amount is ever 0. So i looked in the table from where i copy my records the properties of the amount field and found out there is no value stored, and theres some sum() stuff in the Calcforumla.

So after a search i found out, that i have to make a calcfields before i copy the fields. But the amount field on the report is still zero.

filling works like:

Verkaufskopf.CALCFIELDS(Betrag, “Betrag mit MWSt”);
tmpVerkKopf := Verkaufskopf;
UNTIL Verkaufskopf.NEXT = 0;

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In which trigger have you written this?

where did you add the field in sections?


In the OnAfterGetRecord, and like i said the filling works well just not the amount field…
In the Body Section i have a field with sourceExpression tmpVerkKopf.Amount. Fields like tmpVerkKopf.Number are working.

Is this code under Verkaufskopf Dataitem OnAfterGetrecord trigger?

Does the last record in Verkaufskopf table has Amount <> 0?

-sellers/buyers | sellersbuyers

  • -Integer | Offerten
    In the sellers DataItem OnAfterGetRecord i make a filter on the table SalesHeader(record var) to look only for current seller and many other filters… then i make a loop throug the SalesHeader(record var) like this:

SalesHeader.CALCFIELDS(Amount, “Amount mit MWSt”);
tmpVerkKopf := SalesHeader;
UNTIL Verkaufskopf.NEXT = 0;

In the Offerten DataItem I use this to print the Information form the TempTable I have the
Properties: DataItemTableView: SORTING(Number) WHERE(Number=FILTER(1…))

IF Number = 1 THEN
ELSE IF tmpVerkKopf.NEXT = 0 THEN

Write below code in Integer dataitem at the end of above code…

tmpVerkKopf.CALCFIELDS(Amount, “Amount mit MWSt”);

Yaaayy this worked [:D] thanks! but can you explain me why, i have to make a calcfields on the temporary table?

No need to write this code unless you want to use sales header amount field some where…

SalesHeader.CALCFIELDS(Amount, “Amount mit MWSt”);

As you are trying to show the values from Temp table, you need to calculate flowfield of temp table only.