Copy Electronic Signature from one table to another

Good day Team,

Could someone help? I have been configuring Document Approvals routine for Purchase Routine. On the user setup (91) table, I have created a BLOB Field called Signature while on Purchase Header Table (38) I have created two fields, “Created By” which is updated with User ID at run time on ONINSERT function on the table. The other is signature field (on Purchase Header) which has to be updated based on “Created By” value of User Id by searching through table 91 and once found , the signature value (image/picture) is assigned to this . I need this signature for stamping my invoices, orders etc. electronically as the documents are created and approved while only fully approved documents should printed with these signatures on them. .

Here is my code placed on the ONINSERT function of Table 38:

“Created By” := USERID; // “Created By” is on table 38 basically global variable PurchHeader
usersetup.SETRANGE(usersetup.“User ID”, PurchHeader.“Created By”);
usersetup.GET(“Created By”);
IF usersetup.FIND(’-’) THEN
IF usersetup.Signature.HASVALUE THEN
usersetup.CALCFIELDS(Signature) ;
Signature := usersetup.Signature; // Signature is on table 38
UNTIL usersetup.NEXT = 0;
Where am I going wrong? Kindly assist as this has slowed my project schedule.

Hi folks,

This has since been resolved.