Copy document - skip copying 'blocked' items

Hi all, When you choose to recalculate lines in the ‘Copy document’ functionality it checks to see if an item is blocked or not. If an item is blocked then Navision throws an error and you cannot proceed with the copy. I only wish the following functionality for copying of quotes. I want to be able to ‘skip’ any items the system comes across that are blocked when trying to copy. So if there were 5 items on the previous quote and two were blocked then it would only copy the three unblocked items. I have looked through code unit 6620 Copy Document Mgt. but I am unsure as to what I need to modify and how to modify. Could someone please advise. Cheers Jim

Hi Jim, you have to change some Code in the Function CopySalesLine in Codeunit 6620. E.g. at the begining of that Codeunit check, if the Item is blocked: IF FromSalesLine.Type = FromSalesLine.Type::Item THEN BEGIN ItemRec.GET(FromSalesLine."No."); IF ItemRec.Blocked THEN EXIT; END; Daniel