Copy Description From Excel To Navision Sales Line

Hi There, One of my user is using excel, she enters few descriptions and she copies the description from excel cell to navision sales line (Sales Orders) and she posts the sales order. After posting, when we navigate our posted sales invoices lines, from her computer the sales line looks perfectly alright but from other computer the same posted sales invoices lines looks different. The description ends with two small square boxes. I am not sure why when the user from her pc navigates the sales invoice lines, she cant see the small square boxes appearing next to the description but when we navigate from other computer we can see the small square boxes appearing next to the sales invoice lines description. Has this something got to do with windows setup, anyone have clues. Regards Khan\

The Square boxes are CR/LF. If the entire cell are selected it will put them in (as cause a lot of issues, if you try and export). The true question, of course, is why she needs to enter into excel AND Navision

Hi Henrik, Could you elborate what is the meaning of CR & LF I think that user receives some instructions from her seniors as what description that needs to be changed, so she copies the whole cell info to navision. My only question is, why from her computer when we navigate, no boxes were seen and when we navigate from other computer boxes were seen after the description, has it anything got to do with windows setup or what it could be?. Regards Khan\

I am not quite sure, why they are only visible from some stations - and not others. I have seen it myself and we never did figure out why - We had them change some procedures. What version are you running? CR = Cariage Return, LF = Linefeed

these could be tab characters or other special characters. Her font could be different, copy the description to a hex editor and see what taht character is. I’ve seen it a lot. you can write a routine to clean it up. She might also use a diff font so she doesnt’ see it.