How can i use the copy and paste in table 37. I change the property pasteisvalid on the table, but that do not the validate. Has any one a good idea, How can i test the paste CTRL V to initialize items. Thanck you for your help and sorry for my englisch

Hi Natdidi. Im not sure about what you are trying to do but a better way would be if you could write a Dataport to Import the data in table 37 from a comma seperated text file, instead of pasting the valuse directly into the table. In the dataport fileds properties you can set the callfieldvalidate to true on the Item No. field which will validate call the onvalidate code for you or else you could write a function, after pasting the Values in the cells run the function to validate the fields you want hope this helps Vishal NGP/NCSD

I will copy one or more lines in the order form and past it in the same form. Thank you

Hello. You can write a function that opens a form where You can mark the lines You wan’t to copy and press OK top insert them in the sales lines. You cannot use Copy and Paste because there are validations that has to be done. //Lars

Have you tried Functions - Copy Document… ?